Our Vision

  • Citizens 4 BC is an independent, non- partisan, non- profit media and advertising organization, whose focus is to ensure and promote responsible government policy, both Provincially and Municipally.
  • Citizens 4 BC will be a voice of moderation, we will advocate for centrist policies aimed at unifying, and not dividing, we will promote facts and not fiction. Reckless and extreme partisan politics from both sides of the isle benefits only the few, while ignoring the wishes of the many.
  • Silence is Compliance, left unchecked partisan politics will continue spiraling out of control.
  • Your donation and support will allow us to publish multimedia content promoting our centrist, fair, and fact not fiction policy approach to government.
    Most importantly, it will allow us to share these pieces with British Columbians who perhaps otherwise might not have gotten the chance to see the whole picture. British Columbians not fully informed are unable to demand responsible policies from their government at all levels, this must be changed.
  • Our primary advertising focus will be through highly targeted social media, sharing short portions of our articles, or multi media content across a range of platforms, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, among others. Additionally, we will at times advertise in traditional print, radio, and TV mediums if deemed appropriate. In today’s landscape, it takes a dedicated, comprehensive, highly professional, long term approach of targeted advertising to educate on why centrist policies should be followed, and why we must avoid the extreme fringes. Citizens 4 BC was designed from the ground up to serve as this platform.
  • The challenges facing centrist ideals both at home and around the world are great, yet brick by brick we can build up new policies promoting centrist, fair, and factually based policy. Housing Affordability, Equitable Taxation, Health Care, ICBC, Education, Infrastructure, and Environmental Stewardship are only some of the challenges facing our province today.
  • The board of directors, and our senior executives will not take any salaries, or expense any lunches, travel, or other items what so ever. Our initial founders have also provided the initial capital needed to begin. We felt this was a critical founding pillar of our organization, one we will never change. All expenses will be audited in keeping with federal not for profit regulations.
  • Too often we are asked to weigh in on issues when we don’t have the facts, and because of partisan interests, we are not informed of the possibilities. It is our belief that armed with intelligent information, people will make the reasonable choice; the right choice.
    That is our goal, that is our mission, and we will not waiver from our commitment.

Thank you for your support