Our Team

Citizens 4 BC was founded to represent the centrist ideals of a broad group of individuals who had become concerned with the current divisive political sphere facing our Province, Country, and World today. Being a not for profit we can discuss and promote certain policies that other media companies might be hesitant to follow.

Our editor Johnathon Sipos, who is also a founding board member. He directs day to day operations, and together with the rest of the board and advisory committee, crafts policy direction.
Johnathon graduated from the University of Victoria in 2016, with a Bachelor of Commerce. During his degree he took multiple political science courses, and also spent six months living in Zurich Switzerland for exchange, taking Masters of Finance and Banking classes.

If you would like to write opinion pieces in keeping with our centrist, non partisan ethos, please reach out to us! We are constantly looking for industry professionals who have a deep first hand knowledge of their particular sector, and want to share problems and solutions as they see them with the rest of the province. Without spreading knowledge, and possible solutions, nothing productive will ever happen!